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How to start a Business in Dubai Mainland

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Why business setup in Dubai Mainland?

For business setup in Dubai Mainland, Getting a trade license is a mandatory requirement and the mainstay of the company registration process in Dubai, UAE. It’s your trade license only that allows you to trade in the city or any part of the UAE.

Normal License

It needs the presence of a Memorandum of Association (that can be received either electronically or manually) and a site lease agreement.

Instant License

It is given in just one step and within five minutes for a group of activities that do not require external approvals with the option to issue a memorandum of association and a virtual site for the first year.

E-Trader License

It is a sole establishment license that can be acquired by Dubai home-based businesses issued with the trade name. It can be applied through the “Invest in Dubai” platform.

תהליך מהיר ופשוט

Whether you want to set up a new company or simply establish a wholly owned subsidiary in Dubai Mainland, we make the process as quick, easy and clear as possible. Our friendly team of experts will guide you through every step, to get you up and running fast.

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Why Dubai
For Your Business Setup?

Hassle free & Quick approval

Depending on the nature of your business and the paperwork and approval conditions specific to your industry, obtaining a commercial or technical license you'll get your business license in Dubai within 2-3 Days.

Easy to open a bank Account

Opening a business bank account in the UAE is useful when registering your company in the country. With its stable governance and simple trade policies, the UAE provides an excellent business climate.

No local sponsor required

Now Dubai has removed this mandatory requirement on local sponsorship to make the foreign investors experience 100% ownership.

Up to 50 shareholders options

Foreign investors can set up an LLC in Dubai mainland with 2 to 50 shareholders. Each shareholder in LLC is liable to the extent of his or her shares in the company.

צור קשר

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