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PRO Services
in UAE

Companies in the UAE rely on professional Public Relationship Officers (PROs) for most of their legal tasks as these tasks are labor-intensive and challenging to manage.

דיבורים ישירים, עסקים טובים.


Why do you need PRO Services in Dubai?

Companies hire an in-house PRO or outsource PRO services in Dubai, UAE to accomplish their tasks perfectly. The most preferred option is to outsource pro services as it is more cost-effective than hiring an employee as PRO.

PRO services can help you through this crucial process. PRO services in Dubai, aid with employment-related document clearances, Visa approval, trade licensing approval, translation of documents and legal documents, labor contracts, and other requirements.

PRO Services we provide

Renewal / Modification of Business Licenses
אישור תעודה
אישור מסמכים
Labor Card
Immigration Card
הקמת חברה
Legal compliance management
Visa Renewal
רישום סימן מסחרי איחוד האמירויות הערביות
טיפול בוויזה
שירותי PRO אחרים

תהליך מהיר ופשוט

יועצים עסקיים של AGL עוזרים לך בכל שלב של הדרישה, אנו משמשים כתחנה אחת עבור כל השירותים הקשורים לממשלה באיחוד האמירויות הערביות.

AGL יועצים עסקיים

Why outsourcing
PRO Services in UAE?

Access to legal and local expertise

Translation and attesting legal paperwork can provide much-needed clarity and assurance that you are complying with government regulations.

Eases document processing

We can handle each stage of the application process and ensure that all the appropriate documents are submitted.

Navigating Legal Complexities

Provide well-versed in the intricacies of UAE laws and regulations, ensuring your business remains compliant at all times.

Cost Effective

We offers PRO Services as cost-effective alternative, providing you with expert services without the overhead costs.

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