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Corporate Bank Account Services in UAE

AGL Business consultants provide bank account services in Dubai and make it easier for people to open personal or business bank accounts in Dubai.



Starting a Corporate Bank Account is easy now simple!

The banking sector in the UAE has the unique applicability of being the largest in the middle-east. AGL Business Consultants helps non-residents for Bank Account Opening Dubai at ease. They can open a personal bank account in the UAE with specific restrictions on the choice of banks and the features. Yet, this restriction is not a big concern as major banks in UAE offer non-resident bank accounts.

As per guidelines issued by The Central Bank of UAE, who is the state institution responsible for managing the currency, monetary policy and banking regulation in the United Arab Emirates., Non-residents can open Savings Account with the bank in UAE, GCC nationals are allowed to open Current Account.

It is a general system that UAE banks will inquire about your account transactions while opening your personal or corporate bank account in Dubai, UAE. We can guide you on KYC requirements to open a bank account in Dubai and it makes the documentation process easier for the applicants.

Whether a personal bank account or a corporate account, a bank account opening in UAE demands few specific requirements. Our consultants help you get through the entire process involved with opening a bank account opening services in Dubai.

Fast & simple process

To get a better understanding of all the costs involved get in touch with AGL Business consultant, we can help you each step of the way, right from obtaining the trade license to Bank Account Opening Dubai and make it easier for people to open personal or business bank accounts in Dubai.

AGL Business Consultants

Why you need a
Corporate Bank Account in UAE?

Easy & effortless exchange of currencies

Business persons are allowed to open their corporate bank accounts in most currencies, which simply means easy & effortless exchange of currencies

Keeping track of cash flows

Keeping track of cash flows and transactions becomes easy with a business account

Can access tax liabilities

Investors can access tax liabilities with their corporate business accounts in the UAE, which is helpful in maintaining transparency in tax payments.

Efficient cost management

With a business account, business owners can readily gauge their spending, which is important for efficient cost management

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