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Start Your Business in UAE Offshore

It is a business setup that conducts its operation outside of the location of its origin or original location of registration.



Why business setup in UAE Offshore?

The main reason is that you don’t need to pay any corporate tax in the UAE on profits generated elsewhere. If the company stayed in its original jurisdiction, it would pay more tax, so starting an offshore company here can potentially save thousands of dollars in tax.

Various types of business types in Offshore
Shipping Firms
Distribution and Logistics Firms
General (International) Trading Companies
Professional Services and Consulting
Property Holding Firms
Online Advertising Companies

Fast & simple process

Offshore license in UAE are governed by the rules of the respective Offshore. To get the necessary permissions, you need to apply with the documents. The list of documents also varies on the type of business activity, the type of company, and the requirements of that particular free zone authority.

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Why Offshore
For Your Business Setup?

Hassle free Access to funding

Since Dubai is a highly respected location, it means your business may find it easier to access global funding than if you were based in less trusted jurisdictions.

Easy to open a bank Account

Opening a business bank account in the UAE is useful when registering your company in the country. With its stable governance and simple trade policies, the UAE provides an excellent business climate.

Strong stable base

Exceptionally stable place, in economic, social and political terms. It also has a strong rule of law, so your assets will be protected.

100% import and export tax exemption

Offshore companies in Dubai pay no tax on their profits. You won’t pay corporate tax, income tax, sales tax, inheritance tax, property tax or personal tax either.

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