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Local Sponsor Services in UAE

The UAE ranks 16th out of 190 countries in the ‘Ease of Doing Business index, 1st in business efficiency, 2nd in government efficiency, and 7th on the economic performance index. All these conditions make UAE favorable for the setting up business in Local Sponsor Dubai, UAE.



Is a Local sponsor in Dubai required for new Company Formation?

Это один из общих вопросов, который задают нам большинство новых участников рынка, но он зависит от различных факторов, таких как национальность, вид деятельности и тип организации бизнеса.

According to UAE Commercial Companies Law a Limited Liability Company (LLC) must have at least one Local sponsor in Dubai, where they hold a minimum 51% shareholding of the LLC.

Business such as general trading, contracting, real estate, advertising, technical services, industrial and manufacturing license, cargo and logistics industries, textile businesses, cosmetic and perfume businesses, electronic industries, cleaning equipment industries, fuel and petrochemical industries, jeweler business etc. need local sponsorship in UAE. To check whether your business needs a local sponsorship in the UAE. click here and connect with an expert.

Fast & simple process

Бизнес-консультанты AGL предоставят экспертные советы и решения, чтобы вы сохранили контроль над своей компанией.

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What are the benefits of having a
Local Sponsor in UAE?

Zero interference with your business

Our Local sponsor in Dubai gives you 100% freedom to run your business with no interference from the sponsor. You can conduct your daily operations and maintain control of the company’s voting rights at 100% of the financial benefits.

Greater protection

Your business is more protected and secure by using our Local sponsor in Dubai. We will provide your company with a detailed suite of security agreements to protect the 49% shareholders’ interests from any undue risks.

Protection against sponsorship withdrawal

We deal with multiple local sponsors and corporate sponsors. Since your sponsorship is handled by a team, there will never be a risk of ownership problems due to an individual’s death or early retirement.

Fast documentation processing

Our team of professionals can streamline the completion period, making it short and painless. We take time to understand your company’s needs and ensure to meet those specific requirements.

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