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Get Your UAE Green Visa

The UAE’s "Green Visa" which allows skilled employees, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs to live and work in the country.



Who can apply for the Green Visa?

UAE green visa is a type of UAE residence permit allowing skilled employees, freelancers, investors, and entrepreneurs to live and work in the country.

Skilled employees
Skilled employees

To apply for green residence for skilled employees, you must be employed in the UAE and must provide a valid employment contract


You must have the approval of the investment from competent local authorities in UAE and proof of investment.

Self-employed individuals
Self-employed individuals

Your annual income from self-employment for the past two years must be at least AED 360,000.

Business Partners
Business Partners

The total invested capital will be determined if the partner has more than one license.

AGL Business Consultants

Why you need
Green Visa in Dubai?

5 year long-term renewable visa

Green Visa in the UAE have made it long-term residency possible not only for highly skilled professionals and specialists, but also for investors, entrepreneurs, and students to relocate to a more favorable jurisdiction and obtain full residency rights.

No duration limit on outside UAE stay

No limit on the duration of stay outside the country, giving frequent travelers the flexibility to spend extended periods of time out of the UAE without ant issues on their residency status.

No sponsor or employer is required

Self-sponsored visa, residency not being tied to a specific employer.

Longer flexible grace periods

Instead of the usual 30 days, you'll get longer flexible grace periods.

Are you eligible for the UAE Green Visa?

AGL's experienced team will verify if you are eligible for Green Visa in UAE and help in choosing best fit application category for you. We will manage the whole process so that you can obtain your Green Visa in UAE quickly.

Check your eligibility now!

5 Easy Steps to get Your Green Visa

It takes approximately 2 - 3 months for your visa application to be processed and for a final decision to be rendered.

Submission of the Application

Green Visa Approval

Medical Test

Emirates ID Card Issued

Visa Stamping

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